turn food waste into water - On site

How Amazing!

Food waste is getting a lot of attention lately, and for good reason. No matter how you slice it, the statistics are downright alarming. The world produces 17% more food than it did 30 years ago, yet almost half of it never reaches our bellies.

Ontec's food waste decomposing system using microorganisms. The product applied naturally occurring biochemical decomposition process. 

We utilise the most advanced technology fundamentally different from that of a mechanical crusher or heat dryer. It is a simple and scalable solution which can handle any quantity of food waste and digest it onsite meaning you are left with no collection or landfill charges for the food waste. 

Our solution can handle from 100Kg to 2500Kg food waste per day and turn it to grey water, which can be safely go back to the waste water system. 

Key Benefits:

  • No solids to manage
  • Easy, on-site food waste solution
  • Food waste digested to waste water
  • Less food waste to landfill
  • Fewer trucks on the road
  • Labour & money saving
  • Water from food waste totally reclaimed
  • Better waste stream separation & recycling, plus effective food waste management
  • Environmentally-sound solution


Easy to manage

  • Step 1: Food waste is added to the chamber through the hatch.
  • Step 2: Microorganisms digest food waste while starting the breakdown of fats, oils & grease .
  • Step 3: All soft food is digested. Waste water is the only output, no solids to manage.

Our Products

Innovative food waste solution


ORCA technology simply mimics a natural digestion process. It works using the same principles that our body, and other living organisms are governed by. ORCA creates the perfect thermophilic biological environment for the microorganisms to digest food waste into a liquid.

ECO Driven Technology


The GohBIO is designed to an eco-friendly food waste decomposing system, providing better environment for the next generation.
It solves various problems such as hygiene and space caused by landfill.