Make your bus trip more pleasant and intelligent

Off the grid and self sufficient intelligent bus station

Ontec proudly introduces the off-grid Intelligent Solar Bus Station (ISBS), which powered by solar panel and bring us sustainable green service and saving of energy.

The high-efficiency solar panels on top of the bus station can generate electricity to meet the electricity demand of the station during the daytime. The excess power can be stored in the equipped battery for the night and rainy day use at the station.

With this approach, there is no need to connect to the mains. The self-sufficient station can provide mobile phone charging, LCD display, passenger inquiry system, voice broadcast, and many other functions and it is totally green. 

Key functionality of Intelligent Solar Bus Station

  • Intelligent services: Tourist, surrounding services and bus route query system, real-time broadcast, free WIFI hotspot, USB interface charging and many other functions can be provided. It improves the bus users’ waiting experience and stations’ environment compares with the traditional bus station.
  • Green: Station power is derived from sustainable solar energy - zero fuel generated electricity consumption, zero emissions and zero radiation.
  • Safe and reliable: The solar off-grid system with a service life of more than 25 years provides a stable power supply for the station. The real-time monitoring system of the station ensures the safety of the bus passengers. 
  • Saving to the city: The station is self-sufficiency and eliminates the electricity cost in the long term. 
  • Heat insulation and cooling: The solar panel on the top of the station provide heat insulation and cooling effect in nature, which is an additional advantage compared with the traditional bus station. 

ISBS features in summary:

  1. Solar powered 
  2. Intelligent tourist and bus route query system
  3. Real-time LCD bus stop sign 
  4. Free WiFi hotspot
  5. USB charging port
  6. Multimedia Signage 
  7. Real-time monitoring of bus station sites
  8. Real-time broadcast
  9. Real-time information display 
  10. Big data collection and analysis 

ISBS in Huangpu District of Guangzhou