Ontec solutions

Electric Vehicle


We supply and lease EV from private 5 seaters, multi-purpose 7 seaters and specialised commercial vehicle

Battery Switching Technology


Our power station has a fully automated chassis based battery changing system that enables the removal and installation of the power battery in only 3 minutes.

Solar Energy Application


We have full range of solar energy solutions from solar panel, power plants, engineering, technical certification and energy risk insurance. 

World's First Battery Swapping Utility EV



J6F - Battery Swapping 

Electric Vehicle Utility Vehicle (8P6). 

Food Waste Processing


Ontec provide patented technology to manage food waste on-site and convert it into waste water.

Intelligent Solar Bus Station (ISBS)


We power all aspects on Electric Vehicle technology, services and support as well as solution on leasing, peer sharing service, online booking, apps development and payment services